On October 16th, 2017, students who attend Spanish Fort High School in Alabama posted multiple racist songs online using an app called RapChat.

Two audio files were obtained by Independent Press Journal (IPJ) and were subsequently captioned with lyrics of their songs.

The following videos contain offensive language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Rap #1: Student Racist (Male)

Rap #2: Student Racist (Female)

Both the male and female students who sang the racist songs (in the videos above) have been identified by IPJ, however, their identities are being withheld for privacy and safety concerns.

According to sources, the male student that sang the first song (in the video above) was also heard repeatedly using the “N” word in class. A student who attends classes with him said, “he only used that word [N word] in the class with a black teacher. He never disrespected white teachers the way he did to [black teacher].”

The name of the teacher is being withheld for privacy concerns.

It is unclear where the student learned to be a racist: If he learned it at home from his parents, or if he learned it from racist teachers within the Alabama school system. IPJ has not (as of this article) been able to reach the family of the student.

What is clear is that the school and administrators have done absolutely nothing to punish or discipline either student. According to sources, neither student was suspended after the racist raps were posted.

After the songs made the news, the male student voluntarily withdrew from classes at Spanish Fort High School and is now attending a ‘virtual school’.

The female student who made monkey noises to mock black people and who used the “N” word repeatedly in her song is still a full-time student at Spanish Fort High School. She has not been punished or suspended for her actions.

Racism: Coming home to roost.

This incident comes on the heels of Independent Press Journal (IPJ) exclusively exposing the decade-long use of racially divisive curriculum being taught to students of Spanish Fort High School by 12th grade AP Government teacher – Gene Ponder.

Since Ponder’s racist curriculum was brought to light, and official complaints were made to the Baldwin County School Board by students, the school has launched an internal investigation.

However, students who have been interviewed by the school’s investigators claim that the investigators seem uninterested in addressing the evidence, such as Ponder’s PowerPoints and his own words that he published into his blog. Rather, sources say that it appears the internal investigation is “white-washing” the issue.

It is unclear if investigators have reached out to former students of Gene Ponder’s class who are no longer attending Spanish Fort High School, or if investigators have reviewed the curriculum that Ponder has used for 10-years, which is evidenced by file-history and meta-data.

Baldwin County “investigators” have not contacted IPJ to obtain any information, sourcing or original documentation.

As previously reported by IPJ, former students of Gene Ponder report that Gene Ponder’s curriculum was divisive, and that he consistently would cast women, gays, and minorities in a negative light while teaching American Government to students. Ponder’s own PowerPoints and public statements prove those allegations.

Students at Spanish Fort High School have alleged that there is a culture of bias and discrimination at Spanish Fort High School in general, and that it is not isolated to Gene Ponder’s classroom.

With teachers like Gene Ponder continuing to teach, and a school administration that faculty that openly uses racist and divisive curriculum, perhaps it is no surprise that students at Spanish Fort High School are becoming racists, and that they are feeling emboldened enough to openly express it online.


  1. This school and these students need to be exposed!!! Everyother person in the past that has recently committed racist Acts and made racist comments has and suffered consequences so what makes these students exempted! Fox and cnn world news needs to know about this and these kids need to be exspelled from school. This needs to be treated seriously because who knows whether or not this is a gateway to another mass shooting. Who knows what is going on in these students minds that could lead to other innocent lives becoming casualties!!! This will not rest until a thorough open investigation is done! Please believe that!!


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