In October 2017, Independent Press Journal (IPJ) reported on two students at Spanish Fort High School in Alabama who created racist songs and posted them online.

Sources at Spanish Fort High School have told investigators that the high school senior who created one of the songs, named Gray Walden, gained admission to, and was awarded a scholarship to the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, AL.

IPJ reached out to University of Alabama to confirm but have not heard back.

Photo: Gray Walden, who calls for “genocide” to be committed on all LGBTQ people.

The Racist Song

In the violent and racist song created by Gray Walden, he can be heard saying things like: “F— Martin Luther King,” and, “Torture n—– with firehouses and the Klu Klux Klan.

Walden also calls for “genocide” to be committed on all LGBTQ people, among many other things.

WARNING: The following video contains offensive language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Gray Walden’s Mother

When IPJ reached out to Becca Walden, Gray Walden’s mother, she did not deny being racist, and did not deny teaching her son to be racist either:

IPJ: Are you racist?

Mrs. Walden: No comment

IPJ: Did you teach your son to be racist?

Mrs. Walden: No comment.

IPJ: Where did your son learn to be racist?

Mrs. Walden: No comment.

IPJ: Are you an Elementary school teacher in the same town where your son goes to high school?

Mrs. Walden: Yes.

IPJ: Do you teach black students?

Mrs. Walden: I have no comment.

It is especially noteworthy that Gray’s mother, Becca Walden, is an elementary school teacher at Spanish Fort Elementary and that she refused to decline that she is racist, and refused to decline that she taught her son to be racist.

University of Alabama? Hello?

IPJ has contacted University of Alabama’s admissions office, scholarship department, strategic communications office and media relations office on numerous occasions.

The Admission’s office was unable to respond to inquiries, referring investigators to the Strategic Communications department.

A message was left on the general mailbox in the Strategic Communications department days ago. IPJ investigators also left messages for Linda Bonnin, VP Strategic Communications: (205) 348-5421, and Monica Griffin Watts, Associate VP Communications: (205) 348-5411. Nobody has called back.

The Scholarship office hung-up on our investigator after they were made aware of our inquiry. The scholarship office has not answered their phone or returned our calls since.

The Media Relations department has not answered any calls or returned any messages at all.

  • University of Alabama (Admissions): 205-348-5666 
  • University of Alabama (Scholarships): 205-348-8201
  • University of Alabama (Media Relations): 205-348-8201
  • University of Alabama (Strategic Communications): 205-348-5320


  1. The U of Alabama calls need to be made, however, the fact that his mom teaches young kids in Elementary school is alarming.

    This should be a national story tbh. Y’all need to tweet at some Twitter folks who can move the needle on this. You know whom they are.

    This is outrageous on so many levels… a “diss track” lol.


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