Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Justice Department did not release a researcher-friendly version of the Mueller Report. We...

The original document provided to the public by the Department of Justice is not word searchable, which means that the document is seen by PDF viewing programs as an image and not as text, making it impossible for the program to search the (448 page) document for specific words of phrases.

Baldwin County DA’s office confirms “transition” plans ahead of November elections

Election brings uncertainty to Baldwin County DA's office There are at least two officials at the Baldwin County District Attorney’s (DA) office who are also...

Source: ADA Matt Simpson “removed” from working child sex abuse cases

For years, Assistant District Attorney (ADA) Matt Simpson has been in-charge of prosecuting child sex abuse cases in Baldwin County (Alabama), including teachers who...

Superintendent soliciting donations in exchange for early-release, raises ethics questions

IPJ has obtained a series of emails that show a school Superintendent in Alabama soliciting donations from staff and students to a specific charity...

Is the GOP using an unemployed felon to showcase low “unemployment” numbers?

On Sunday, the Republican National Committee (@GOP) tweeted a video that was (presumably) meant to showcase low unemployment numbers in the black community. The...

NRA issues statement saying that cooler manufacturer YETI “should be ashamed”

Like businesses do from time to time, YETI, the cooler manufacturing company based out of Austin, TX. told some of their corporate clients that...

Black woman arrested at Waffle House, Police respond to viral video with evidence. [Updated]

Initial sources widely reported that a 25-year old black woman near Mobile Alabama was arrested over the weekend on charges of disorderly conduct after she...

15-year-old black student arrested, Police refuse to give parents official reports

15-year-old black student arrested in Daphne Alabama, Police refuse to give parents official reports

Multiple students in Alabama post racist songs online [Offensive Content]

Multiple students in Alabama post racist songs online [Offensive Content]

RACISM EXPOSED: “Where are my white-male federal privileges?” asks Alabama teacher [PowerPoint Slides]

IPJ concludes that Gene Ponder – 12th grade AP Government & Economics teacher at Spanish Fort High School in Alabama – is, and has been presenting biased course material in order to sway students thinking by negatively portraying Multiculturalism, Affirmative Action, Muslims, African American voters, and minorities in general. Ponder also portrays white-males as victims of race discrimination and voter intimidation throughout his teachings.

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